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Keep your finger on Plymouth’s pulse. Artory is a free and easy to use app that brings Plymouth’s Art and Culture listings directly to your phone.  Get started by choosing your favourite categories from Art, Theatre, Cinema, Music, Dance, Comedy, Family, and Festivals. Add events to your personal planner, and leave feedback on your experiences.

Enjoy treats like free coffee, tea, and ticket discounts by collecting Art Miles® when you attend and comment about events. Whether you’re a regular at Plymouth’s exhibitions and shows, or a visitor to the city, Artory is the ultimate Plymouth Culture Guide.

Artory is available now

Download for your smartphone and start collecting Art Miles®

Artory Plymouth Culture Guide Whats On Listings App

What is Artory?

Artory — the What’s On App for culture in Plymouth that earns you Art Miles® to exchange for exclusive offers at venues across Plymouth.

• Discover the unexpected
• Explore arts and culture in the city
• Set your preferences and get your personal guide to culture in the city.
• Have your say by leaving feedback on events.
• Collect Art Miles® to exchange for free drinks and exclusive ticket offers as you use Artory

Redeeming ArtMiles® with Artory Plymouth Culture Guide App

What are Art Miles®?

Art Miles® is a points-based scheme, where you accumulate points through updating your profile, checking-in at participating venues and reviewing events.

You can redeem your points in exchange for free drinks, discounts, and VIP events

“Artory is a really useful and well-designed app. For anyone interested in arts, culture, music or film, it helps anyone visiting or in Plymouth find their way around new cultural events.”
Jake May

“This is such a useful app that is much more than just listings. It provides incentives (such as coffees and money off tickets) and also suggests other events based on your preferences and activity. A must have!”
Jinksy Cat

So much culture! Plymouth has a great culture scene and its awesome to see so many organisations working together. I’ve already found some new events to attend and earned enough art miles for a free coffee.”
Tony Edwards

Great app! Now I just have to find the time to attend all these events, didn’t realise so much was going on in Plymouth.”
David Mcguinness

Fantastic guide to local area. It’s a great app, well built and fantastic for finding out about venues and what’s going on within the city.”
Luke Wotton

Artory is available now

Download for your smartphone and start collecting Art Miles®


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